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The Bookkeeping Toolkit is an Entrepreneurs guide to  bookkeeping for small businesses. We simply make your numbers make sense.

In 30 Days or Less, you can have your business bookkeeping in order and on track without too much fuss.

I'm showing you forgotten secrets to help you gain ground on your finances.
Oftentimes businesses fail because of their failure to properly handle or understand their business finances.
Well enough is enough for that. As a professional tax preparer and bookkeeper, I’m here to help turn the narrative around for business owners by providing them with the resources and know how to properly execute and slay this thing called bookkeeping.

Whether you DIY  your bookkeeping or outsource it, there are still things you need to know about this thing called bookkeeping either way.

Running a successful business is more than having an LLC, EIN, and a profitable skill. 
In this toolkit, I’m going to show you how to easily DIY your own bookkeeping, provide you with the know-how of bookkeeping, understanding of core concepts you need to know, templates, methods, resources, and everything you need to succeed, including resources for accessing if that's your option or need.

You're Right!  It's Time For Me To Get It Together!

What Will You Gain From This Training?

✅  How to SAVE yourself money in your business.

✅  Help you determine if the DIY bookkeeping thing is for you or not.

✅  Understand my 3 point perspective on this whole DIY Bookkeeping process.

✅  The day to day and month to month routine for keeping up with your bookkeeping.

✅  Various Templates/ Methods to help you execute your bookkeeping. Yes, I said Various, as in YOU have options. We’ve got you covered!

✅  Easy plug-and-play templates for you to get the job done. Don't just take the training and be stuck on what's next. Get the tools that you need to help you execute it all.

✅  I'm showing you forgotten secrets to help you gain ground on your finances. 

Yes... You're Right!  It's Time For Me To Get It Together!

For Only $67
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We've taken those difficult bookkeeping terms and components and simplified them for easy understanding. We took away all the fluff and complications and created an easy way for entrepreneurs to keep up with their business finances.

Who Is This
Training For? 
✅  Entrepreneurs who are looking to get a handle on the business finances.

✅  Entrepreneurs who are looking for the basics of understanding bookkeeping for their business.

✅  Entrepreneurs ready to start thinking like a big business. You don't need 6 or 7 figures to start thinking like a big business.

✅  Entrepreneurs at any level of their business without substantial and effective bookkeeping.

✅  Entrepreneurs looking to achieve government contracts and certifications.

✅  Entrepreneurs looking to explore their bookkeeping options. (Yes, you have options!)

Who Is This
Training NOT For?

✅  Entrepreneurs who are ok with mixing their personal funds and business funds.

✅  Entrepreneurs who are not looking to be a legit business.

✅  Entrepreneurs who are not looking to maximize the money they make in their business.

✅  Entrepreneurs who think just connecting your bank account to quickbooks and doing nothing else, will produce results.

✅  Entrepreneurs who run a small side hustle and just want to accept cash app and zelle payments, and don't really plan to scale their business. It's just side money. 

What Will You Get In This Course?
I'm glad you asked!
🚨 You will get information on 4 different methods to keep up with your bookkeeping (including templates, discount codes, and reliable resources).

🚨  Bookkeeping checklist to help you stay on top of everything

🚨 Monthly bookkeeping planner (printable) & an EASY Bookkeeping spreadsheet ALL INCLUDED! Along with Quickbook discount codes and other bookkeeping resources ALL INCLUDED! 

🚨   The 4 step process to DIY your bookkeeping

🚨  7 Common Bookkeeping Failures To Avoid

🚨18 Bookkeeping Terms EVERY Entrepreneur needs to know. If you DIY or outsource your bookkeeping, you need to know these terms.

🚨  Breakdown on paying yourself and your contractors.

🚨  7 Tips for Better Small Business Bookkeeping

🚨  Top 5 Bookkeeping Skills All Consultants and Clients Need To Have... And More!
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